Stitch Fix Kids #2 (Boy)

I decided to try the Stitch Fix Kids and wanted to share what we got for Liam!

After filling out a survey with his age, sizes, what he likes style wise and any colors or styles to avoid, we were sent a box with 10 items for him to try.  I was a bit bummed with this fix, since I wanted to get it before he had his school pictures, but was emailed when it was supposed to ship saying that they were waiting for a new shipment to hopefully be able to meet his style best.

So, after scheduling a fix for October 1st, it ended up being delivered on October 5th.  I was mostly hoping for some clothes to fill in the gaps, especially more clothes for school.

Opening the box- there was a lot of papers, and it was a little overwhelming when we just wanted to get to the clothes.  One of the pages had a list of all the items Liam received (he got 10 in this fix) and another page was the breakdown of price for each item (along with what the total would be if everything was purchased, minus the $20 style credit and 25% discount if you keep everything).  There was also the prepaid and labeled shipping bag, the card from the stylist, a postcard for decorating the box and a sheet of stickers.


Here are some pictures of what Liam received in his box (he didn’t want me to take pictures, but he knew what he liked and didn’t like, and tried on the clothes he liked before I could even pull out my camera.


We loved these moto jogger pants. They are thick, soft and stretchy- perfect for playing around the house and playground in the fall.


This white “Okay, but first, skate” shirt is cute, but a white top for a kid is not my cup of tee, especially a play shirt.  Also not much into skating, so this was a no go for me.

The Hurley Blue short sleeve tee is adorable, soft and stretchy and it was one of the first things Liam said he loved and wanted to keep.


This white long sleeve baseball tee with the astronaut graphic was another of Liam’s favorites with the astronaut logo. The feel is just ok, but the shirt is a nice basic everyday shirt for playing and going to school.

This red long sleeve hoodie shirt is a nice lightweight addition to Liam’s school wardrobe, and fit him really nice.

These white shoes are more of a foam light weight texture, and remind me of the shoes I wore in nursing school. They look like they would be comfortable, but again, white shoes for a playful kid does not appeal to me, and they felt like they would fall apart /break with not a lot of wear and tear with playing.

Overall, we liked most of what we got, but it wasn’t worth the price to keep the whole box. We kept a few things, and liked most of it, but only kept our favorites.

Get $25 off your first box with my code below (Women, men, or kids) . Let me know what you liked, didn’t like, if you have ever tried Stitch Fix, and any other questions you may have!  Thanks for visiting and come again!

*I was not compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.